MA21 Programmable Number Pad (Gateron)

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Mighty keyboard and macropad

MA21 was designed to fulfill the heavy needs of number pad for accounting job or Chinese typing (九方輸入法). Unlike traditional fullsize keyboards, MA21 works as an individual numpad and can be put anywhere at your comfort.

Even if you are not a heavy number pad user, you can also benefit from MA21 with its macros. You can assign a long keystring into MA21 and call it out with one punch! Tasks like copy and paste, calling a certain software, typing a repetitive sentence or code can now be easy.

Stunning lighting effect and design

The RGB LEDs under the circuit board are programmable to give millions of colours defined by 6-digit hex code (like #FFFFFF for white). Effects like fading and flow are also available. The edge of the aluminium case is designed to have a lighting bar to show the beautiful colours of the RGB LEDs.

RGB glowing

MA21 RGB backglow

Cherry plate mount stabilisers

MA21 Cherry plate mount stabilisers

Polished beveled edge

MA21 polished beveled edge

Lube without desoldering

MA21 Lubing

Programmable using Bootmapper client

Bootmapper client is a firmware with graphic user interface that can control the settings of PCBs through the computer. Amateurs can also enjoy the fun of configuring their own boards. Tutorials are available here.

One keyboard, four layers

Four layers of keys available for customizing (Normal, FN, FN2, FN3). The default is as follows:

MA21 default layers

The Toggle FN2 can switch your keyboard to FN2 layer and MA21 will then become a mighty macropad! And of course, you are free to define your own layers and you can use it on every computers. Media keys (Vol up/dn, play, pause, etc) and many other keys are available.


  • PCB programmable by bootmapper client
  • RGB backglow under PCB
  • Plate mount cherry stabilisers
  • Allow lubing without desoldering
  • USB-C connection
  • Aluminium CNC case

Package includes:

  • Fully functioned MA21
  • Wired keycap puller
  • 2m silver type-C cable
  • (Optional) Vintage blank keycaps by enjoypbt - Cherry profile
  • (Optional) Installed LEDs

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