[DIY] NumPad acrylic mechanical keyboard - MA21

MecKey Alpha

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PCB features
PCB Resistors, diodes presoldered (with icb blue backglow LED)
Case Acrylic sandwich case (included)
  • Cherry MX or equivalent
  • Available here
  • Switches required: 21 pcs
  • Suggested purchase amount: 25 pcs
Plate Acrylic (included)
Stabilizers PCB mount stabilizers (included)
  • 3mm LED
  • Available here
  • LED required: 21 pcs
  • Suggested purchase amount: 25 pcs
Keycaps Available here
Dimension 87mm x 131mm x 40mm
  • PCB (resistors, chips and diodes presoldered)
  • Acrylic case
  • PCB mount stabilizers
  • USB (length~1.2m)+USB extension (~1.5m)
  • Keycap puller
To complete your keyboard
  • Switches
    • Cherry MX or equivalent
    • Available here
    • Switches required: 21 pcs
    • Suggested purchase amount: 25 pcs
  • Keycaps
  • LED (optional)
    • 3mm LED
    • Available here
    • LED required: 21 pcs
    • Suggested purchase amount: 25 pcs


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