Grease Lube (Krytox GPL205)


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What is Krytox?

Krytox™ is the brand name for a range of clean, specialty synthetic lubricating materials available in numerous grades for a wide range of applications.

Krytox™ lubricants have become the product of choice where extremely high or low temperature performance, non-flammability, longevity, oxygen compatibility and resistance to aggressive chemicals are required.

Does Krytox™ contain silicone?

No. Krytox™ oils and greases do not contain any silicones and there are no silicones used in processing.


  • Applicable for lubing both stabilisers and switches
  • Base oil viscosity: 160cSt
  • Useful temperature range: -36 to 210 (degree Celsius)
  • Each unit contains around 18g to 20g
  • Enough for lubing hundreds or even thousands of switches (depend on the amount you used per switch)
  • Store in room temperature

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