Lubed Switches - Linear Cherry MX Switches

MecKey Alpha

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Why do you need lubed switches?

  • Crave for better typing sound and feeling
  • Reduce friction, especially in the glider and spring
  • Definitely change the game, best way to explain is to try it on!

Viscosity and typing feel

Viscosity of the lube significantly affect the typing feel. Thicker lube can reduce the sound more significantly but the viscosity could affect the actuation force slightly. Thinner lube takes the middle, having the advantage of lubing and not affecting the actuation.

Note: We will do thin lube on orders, unless customers make their thick lube request in the check out window.

Krytox GPL205 | Best for linear switches

The lube we use is Krytox GPL205 grade 1. A buttery lube that works perfectly on linear switches.

GPL205 Grade 1

Where do we lube the switches?

Explained in the following photos. Switch in the photo is Gateron Silent Yellow (KS-9), for reference only.

Lube stem bottom
Lube stem rear side
lube stem side
lube spring
lube switch bottom
lube switch glider
lube stem hole

Note on orders

  • All switches are freshly lubed upon orders.
  • Allow few days for us to arrange time for the lubing and testing. No immediate shipment can be made. Thank you for your patience.
  • All switches are hand-lubed, it is impossible to guarantee all switches are identically lubed. Slight difference may exists between switches. But of course we will test them one by one to reduce this difference.

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