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Table of facts

Stem Actuation force Feel Key Travel
MX Black 60 cN Linear 4.0 mm
MX Red 45 cN Linear 4.0 mm
MX Brown 55 cN Tactile 4.0 mm
MX Clear 65 cN Tactile 4.0 mm
MX Blue 60 cN Tactile (audible) 4.0 mm
MX Silent Black 60 cN Linear 3.7 mm
MX Silent Red 45 cN Linear 3.7 mm

Guide on ordering

  • Quantity 1 = 800 switches
  • This acts as a pre-order if stock level does not meet
  • Restock takes around 1 - 2 weeks
  • Eligible for free shipping

Cherry GmbH has its headquarters in Germany and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of computer input devices – focusing on applications for offices, industry, security, and switches of mechanical keyboards for PC gaming for example.

Retooled switch | smoother than ever

The retooling of Cherry MX switches makes it smoother than ever. The new retooled version has a small gap behind the stem.

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Plate mount | compatible with all PCBs

The Cherry MX switches come with no extra plastic pins. They are compatible with all PCBs.

Made in Germany | ultimate precision and quality

Well-engineered mechanical keyboards offer unrivaled precision as well as fine-tuned tactile, audible feedback or linear feel. CHERRY MX keyswitches fortify this experience by adding 100% reliability for fast typing and competitive situations.

Free shipping table

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Country Minimum purchase
Australia $90
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Denmark $100
Finland $150
France $120
Germany $120
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Macao $60
Netherlands $100
New Zealand $90
Norway $100
Philippines $80
Poland $150
Portugal $150
Singapore $60
South Korea $60
Spain $100
Sweden $100
Switzerland $100
Thailand $80
United Kingdom $140
United States $100
Vietnam $80

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