Parts for a typical mechanical keyboard

The following parts are required for a typical mechanical keyboard.
  1. PCB (printed circuit board)

    With controller parts, diodes and resistors soldered, signals can then go through switches and the computer.

  2. Switches

    There are different kinds of switches.

    • 3-pin/5-pin
    • Gateron/Cherry/Others
    • Linear/Tactile/Clicky
    • SMD/Normal
  3. Plate

    This is for the better alignment of the switches.

  4. Stabilizers

    Stabilizers ensure strict vertical motion of keys over 2u. There are three typical types of stabilizers:

    • Cherry (plate -mount)
    • Cherry (PCB-mount)
    • Costar
  5. Keycaps

    Keycaps are usually made of plastic (ABS/PBT). They are the caps on the switch and made direct contact with users' fingers.

  6. Power Cable

    Power cable refers to the connection cable between keyboard and computer. There are two types of wired connection.

    • USB
    • PS2