Gateron Switch (KS-8)


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Table of facts

Stem Actuation force Feel Key travel
Black 60 cN Linear 4.0 mm
Yellow 50 cN Linear 4.0 mm
Red 45 cN Linear 4.0 mm
Clear 35 cN Linear 4.0 mm
Brown 55 cN Tactile 4.0 mm
Blue 60 cN Tactile (audible) 4.0 mm
Green 80 cN Tactile (audible) 4.0 mm


    Gateron logo

    GATERON is located in Zhongkai High-tech Zone. Since its establishment in Huizhou, Guangdong, China in 2000, it has grown into a factory with more than 500 employees and more than 10,000 square metres. Gateron mainly engaged in research and development and production of electronic and electrical switches, sensors, plastic hardware components. After 16 years of unremitting efforts and continuous research, Gateron has achieved outstanding results and rapid development in the fields of precision mold manufacturing, injection molding/plastic molding manufacturing, hardware molding manufacturing, and automated assembly production, in PC peripherals and consumption. The electrical and automotive parts industry continues to develop new products while accumulating valuable R&D and production experience.

    Gateron switch | smooth and with competitive price

    Gateron switches, as counterparts of certain Cherry's switches, are usually accepted to be smoother and have a slightly higher actuation point than Cherry's.

    Gateron ks-8 switch inside

    Plate mount or PCB mount | enjoy the way you like

    Gateron KS-8 switches comes with options of plate mount or PCB mount. Plate mount switches are compatible with all PCBs and PCB mount has an advantage of better alignment for plateless boards.

    Gateron KS-8 switch plate mount

    Gateron KS-8 switch PCB mount

    Made in China | fast response at low cost

    HuiZhou is under 100 km away from Hong Kong. Cost of shipping is low from their factories to our warehouse. Orders can be placed when our stock level goes low and they can response very quickly.

    Gateron factory

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