MA60 (Ver 2.2) 60% hot swappable keyboard kit

MecKey Alpha

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  • New PCB colour for better lighting effect
  • Enhanced stability

Important notes:

  • Hot swappable sockets have to be built with a aluminium plate or stainless steel plate of thickness 1.5mm. The acrylic thicken plates from our stock won't be able to hold the switches firmly.
  • Mini-USB connection
  • DIY kit price includes 70 pairs of switch sockets + 70 pairs of LED sockets.
  • Prices of other kits include the installation of sockets in designated layout.
  • RGB backglow LEDs, transistors, controller units and resistors presoldered. Users just need to solder the sockets.
  • Monochrome in-switch LEDs with effects
  • Each kit comes with a switch puller.
  • Switches available here:
  • LEDs available here:
  • For kit with costar stabilizers, do not insert LEDs in the big keys (shift, spacebar etc)
  • Contact us for customization

PCB features

Sockets installation options

  • Standard 60%
    Standard 60% layout
  • Dedicated arrow 60%
    Dedicated arrow 60% layout
  • ISO 60%
    ISO 60% layout
  • DIY
    MA60 layout

Hot swappable

Soldering guide

Socket installation step 1Socket installation step 2Socket installation step 3Socket installation step 4


  • Anodized aluminium (all layouts)
    include cherry PCB mount stabilizers
    Anodized aluminium plate
  • Stainless steel plate (standard layout only)
    include cherry plate mount stabilizers
    Stainless steel plate
  • Stainless steel plate (standard layout only)
    include costar stabilizers
    Stainless steel plate


Keyboard cases:



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